Austria provides perfect conditions for skiing and recreation, as frozen lakes, ski slopes and fun parks offer a variety of activities.

Thus, Austria’s world-famous ski resorts attract not only lovers of alpine skiing, but also those of extreme sports.

the European-quality ski slopes in Austria guarantee a lifelong experience for all ages. A few days of skiing in Austria can be unforgettable not only because of the well-prepared ski slopes, but also because of the wide range of entertainment options, spa hotels and excellent ski schools.

The variety of the Austrian ski resorts with its alpine landscape is a spectacular sight in all seasons, with snow-capped mountain peaks in winter and warm-water lakes in summer.

As one of the most famous ski destinations, Austria offers plenty of opportunities for skiing, regardless of age and level of knowledge. From families to professionals, anyone can find the winter sport that suits them best in the mountains of Austria. Austria is a very good choice for skiing, as due to its natural endowments it has more than 800 ski resorts, of which the length of the Austrian ski slopes is about 20,000 km. Regularly maintained, first-rate ski slopes in Austria usually offer snow-sure enjoyment from November to May, thanks to the snow cannons. That is why we can safely say that there is no better program in winter than a magical skiing in Austria.

Puchberg am Schneeberg

It is one of the closest ski resorts in Lower Austria.

Everyone should visit this wonderful place once in a life. Puchberg is in a sheer alpine environment, between beautiful mountains, but still very close to the Hungarian border.

Schneeberg is the highest mountain in Lower Austria (2075 meters), at the foot of which lays the town of Puchberg, only 70 kilometers from Sopron. Already in the early 1900s, it was a popular holiday and resting place for residents of Vienna. The cog railway, which takes passengers from the town from 600 meters almost to the top of the mountain (about 1800 meters), has been in operation for about 100 years. It is worth trying this train in any season, it can be a perfect family program. The chair lifts and ski slopes are located a few kilometers from Puchberg am Schneeberg, next to the village of Losenheim.  A new four-seater chair lift, a 650-meter pickaxe and a 150-meter practice lift operates in here. The ski slope system is 7 kilometers between 840- and 1210-meters altitude.

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