Lake Fertő:

Lake Fertő or The Neusiedl lake, the formerly vast swamp and bog world with its surviving areas, is a rare beautiful island of nature at the western gate of Hungary. The Fertő – Hanság National Park is a refuge of unique flora and fauna, landscape, ethnographic and cultural historical values. The endless reeds of the steppe lake provide excellent conditions for canoeing, the open water and the favorable wind for sailing and surfing, and the bay of Fertőrákos offers excellent conditions for swimming. The well-developed bicycle paths lead the cyclist to the settlements rich in sights of the Sopron region, while the museums explore the past and historical places of the region:

Fertőrákos became known for its stone quarry and Cave Theater and of course of the castles of Nagycenk and Fertőd. The varied landscape on a horseback riding is made even more unforgettable by the foal shows, the open fire gourmet snacks and the excellent wines of Sopron. Fishermen and hunters can try their luck in the fishing grounds of canals and lakes, in the woods and in the wetlands of the area.

The spa and thermal baths of the region rich in minerals – Sopron-Balf, Hegykő, Petőháza – help the tired, exhausted body to heal and refresh.

Points of interest: The Fertőrákos Cave Theatre, The Mörbisch Water Stage, St. margarethen: Steinbruch theatrical performances

The Fertőrákos Cave Theatre:

The Fertőrákos Quarry and Cave Theater, both part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2001, are a very special ensemble of natural, civilizational, and cultural values. Walking through this small area close to Sopron, we can travel back in time for millions of years, lifelike reconstructions dazzle us with the wonders of the pre-human world, and we can get to know the natural image of today’s landscape, including the sign of human civilization. During summer, all these experiences are crowned by unique acoustic performances by the troupes of the Cave Theater in a monumental space below ground.

The Mörbisch Water Stage:

The Water Stage in Mörbisch has been home to operas and musicals since 1957. The 3,600-square-foot water stage is one of the largest open-air theaters in Europe. The unique stage is in the embrace of Lake Neusiedl, in a beautiful natural environment. The 6,000-seat auditorium is separated from the stage by the water of Lake Fertő, which was built on an artificial floating island.

Performances at the Mörbisch Water Stage are taking place in July and August.


Izgalmas kenutúrák a nádasban, szolár hajózás és hajnali madárles vár minden természetszerető vendéget a Fertő-Hanság Nemzeti Park csodás élővilágában.


The cycle trail around Lake Fertő leads through romantic landscapes along the abundance of reeds, offering wonderful views of the lake, idyllic vineyards, wet meadows, and a multitude of salt lakes. To circumvent the lake by bike, you have to pedal 135 kilometers.

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