Cableway out of ropes in the woods – from 3 years to adults, we also recommend it for teenagers.

In the Lővér adventure park we can climb and hang among shady trees at a height of several meters, secured of course with a carabiner. There are courses for all ages of the family: 3 types for children (of different difficulty), 3 for adults and 1 baby track for the 3-6-year-old, and a slide as well. It is open from April 15.

Downhill racing – from 3 years to adults, also recommended for teenagers.

On the “summer bob” we can descend from a height of 900 meters in a groove on the winding course through 750 meters. We can go in pairs or alone, and with one brake we can control the speed of the bob. Open all year (except in extreme weather).

Chocolate tasting – From babies to adults, teenagers will love it

For those with a sweet tooth, a visit to Harrer Chocolate Shop and Confectionery is a must. They have a divine tasting that starts with offering champagne with truffle balls (there is also a non-alcoholic drink included) and then you can watch a movie about the history of chocolate. Meanwhile, through a glass wall, it can be seen the busy work of the confectionery employees. You can taste everything from raw chocolate to different flavored chocolates – all you can eat!    You can then dip some fresh fruits in the chocolate fountain and get a chocolate drink. It is possible also to go with a baby, anyway you only must pay from the age of 4. It is open all year.

Csokikóstolás – kisbabáktól felnőtt korig, kamaszok imádni fogják

Aki édesszájú, annak kihagyhatatlan a Harrer Csokoládéműlyebe és Cukrászdába tett látogatás. Van egy isteni kóstolójuk, ami azzal kezdődik, hogy pezsgőt kínálnak trüffelgolyóval (van alkoholmentes ital is), majd megnézhetünk egy filmet a csokoládé történetéről. Közben egy üvegfalon át láthatjuk a cukrászdában dolgozók serénykedését. Végigkóstolhatunk mindent egészen a nyers csokitól kezdve a különböző ízesítésű csokikig – amennyi csak belénkfér! Ezután még friss gyümölcsöket mártogathatunk a csokiszökőkútba, és csokiitalt is kapunk. Kisbabával is mehetünk, de csak 4 éves kortól kell fizetni. Egész évben nyitva.

Fairytale park – from babies to adults

Just a 20-minute drive from Sopron, St Margarethen offers an all-day fun in the shady Familypark. In the amusement park you can choose from carousels, roller coasters, water games and countless other attractions according to four different themes (Fairytale World, Farm, Adventures and Experiences). You can walk among fairy-tale figures, walk around a huge castle, slide down a giant slide in an inflatable boat. Two novelties of the year are the Rooster Hunting and Forest Express in the Farm section.

Everything is included in the ticket price. There are toys for the little ones, and even adults can enjoy them, but from the age of about 12, some toys might be already embarrassing for teenagers. It is open from 1 April to the end of October and closed in extreme weather.

Treasure hunt in a 14th century castle – from 6 years to adults – also for teenagers
depending on interest.

Although Sopron itself has a lot of beautiful cultural treasures to offer, you should not miss Frano Castle in Austria. It is about a 40-minute drive distance with wonderful surroundings. They are in forefront in the way how they make the visit exciting for the kids. During the 90-minute guidance, they take the kids to the baroque treasury, which has been in the same place for 300 years. Those ones that are skillful will also find treasures that they can take home.

Sonnentherme – adventure pool for children and adults:

Located close to the border (about 30 minutes by car), the high-quality wellness bath and aquapark are perfect for the families with small children.

It offers a superb program with its 800 meters slide experience and water fun.

Giant water slides:

The main attraction of Fun World is the 23-meter-high slide tower, which can only be reached by elevator. This is where Austria’s longest indoor slides depart:


The XXL Monster Ride is the longest indoor slide in Austria with its 270-meter length and double or even triple sliding rings. (under 8- year-old with adult escort only).


The Speedy (from the age of 11) – hellish speed on 141 meters.


The Twister (under 6-year-old with adult escort only) is not the fastest, but with a length of 202 meters, it belongs to one of the longest indoor slides in Europe.


For those who still did not had enough, can try the other 4 giant slides in Fun World. One of the new slides for ex. is the Air Racer, which can be slid with a single person ring on a 111-meter-long tube (only with an adult companion under the age of 8). The other two new slides, Quaxi and Flipper, as well as the blue Flitzer slide, also contribute to a total of 800 meters of slide experience at the Sonnentherme.

Minigolf in Sopron – from 6-years to adults

The first mini golf course in Sopron is located next to the Minipolis, at the beginning of Bánfalvi road. The location of the track evokes a combined atmosphere of nature and city. There are 12 mini golf courses in a cheerful, cozy environment.

You will enjoy this family-friendly leisure activity regardless of the age. This skill game is a pleasant recreation for everyone, and the rules can be easily mastered by anyone.

Sightseeing train in Sopron – from small to adults

During the sightseeing programs you can visit the city in some special-experience vehicles. The passengers can get to know the sights through exciting stories and the tourists will receive interesting information about the history and sights of Sopron, the poncichters and the Lövérek.

Downtown cruise:

A short half an hour sightseeing in downtown of Sopron. During the cruise, you can get to know the emblematic buildings of the Main Square and the historical city center, and while traveling in the Castle District, you will also receive a lot of information about the history of the Sopron city walls. The sightseeing also includes Óbabona-, Széchenyi- and Deák Squares.


Starting point: Downtown Sopron, Main Square (Fő tér)


Saturday: 12:00, 16:00

Sunday: 12:00, 15:00


The perfect family experience from age 8 to 99. Travel with the most innovative vehicle of the 21st century! Excitement, fun and an unforgettable experience are guaranteed.

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