The Sopron Mountains and Balfi-Hills await the nature lovers with marked walking paths and constructed resting places. The walking paths of the Nature Park, the forest gym and the walking trails invite all visitors during winter and summer season also for a pleasant walk.

Sopron is the city of lookouts! The most famous and most visited of the nine lookouts that became an emblem of Sopron, is the Charles Lookout and its surroundings, where in addition to the playground, benches, tables, forest restaurant and the majestic sights, there can be viewed local botanists and foresters permanent exhibited works.

Forest sports enthusiasts will also benefit from the tens of kilometers of marked roads, the Iron Curtain cross-country path and the designated Downhill and MTB tracks, as well as the country’s first forest gym.

The 369 km marked hiking trail network satisfies both the needs of easy walkers and the boot tourists in the same time. In these areas, you can also find many historical and cultural monuments.

In the Sopron Mountains, car parkings, barbecue places, picnic areas and built-in springs provide a suitable place to relax.

In addition to the above, the park forest includes the Nagycenki castle park and a row of linden trees, the Pan-European Picnic Memorial Park, and the Academic Memorial Forest established next to it, as well as the Szárhalom and Dudlesz forests.


The healthy lifestyle was already considered very important when designing the Park Forest.  This is how the country’s first forest gymnasium was built, which was expanded throughout the years with numerous sports facilities.

The Forest Gym

The first gym-ground in the country starts from the Lővér hotel, in some places follows a common route with the Várisi promenade, then joins the Ojtozi promenade so it can return to the starting point. It has a length of 2 km, and the 20 stations can be completed according to 3 levels of difficulty. The forest provides the natural tools needed to perform the tasks.

Horseback riding

There are several 10 km long marked trails in the park forest area, which connects with local riding halls. On the developed roads we can reach the surroundings of Sopron in a beautiful natural environment as well as the neighboring Austria.

Cross Country Ski Running

The Iron Curtain Cross-Country Track is about 20 km long, on which mostly machine tracks are laid. The slopes can be used from 10-12 cm of snow. Its arrangement is such that at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level there can be found 3, each approx. of 4 km long circuits. These slopes are partly following the former “iron curtain” border routes, hence the name of the track system. These 3 roundabouts can be reached by 2 other tracks from the Károlymagaslati car parking, which forms the current valley station. These access roads are approx. 3 km long.



Sopron is home to the country’s first and unique official Downhill mountain bike track. The track provides sports facilities for local cyclists, but also nationally and internationally recognized training and preparation opportunities for racing teams.

It starts at Várhely Lookout, ends at the car parking in front of Salamander Lake, and currently consists of two trails: Downhill and Freeride.

To prevent accidents, the use of helmets and protective equipment is mandatory!

MTB Track

At the initiative of Focus Team Hungary MTB and with the support of the Forest Management, a new mountain bike track was designated in the spring of 2013.  Those who want to get acquainted with the sport and those who have been practicing cross-country cycling for a long time, can test their knowledge and endurance on the 10.5 km long, 300 m level difference tracks which certainly represent the beauties of mountain biking. The starting and ending point is the entrance of Lővér Camping towards Ojtozi alley.

The cycle path around Lake Fertő leads through romantic landscapes along the abundance of reeds, offering wonderful views of the lake, idyllic vineyards, wet meadows, and a multitude of salt lakes. You must turn 135 kilometers to get around the lake once. You can even shorten the route and cross the lake by boat from Illmitz to Mörbisch am See, so the route would be really family friendly.

The 11 modern cycling resorts along the boulevard combine the special design with high functionality. The rest areas, covered with reeds or tilts, blend harmoniously into the environment, and offer a shady rest area as well as protection in case of rainy weather.

Circling Lake Fertő, you cover in total 133 kilometers, of which 38 kilometers are in Hungary. Alternatively, there is a bicycle ferry between Illmitz and Mörbisch am See, which shortens the cycle path (approx. 78 km). You can choose any tourist location next to the B10 as starting point.

Bicycle rental is possible on the Austrian side of the lake: Nextbike ( The Nextbike stations are located at 34 points on the bike path. The rental is self-service, payment is made by mobile phone. There is a rental station in Fertőrákos as well, in the port (Drescher Line).

In addition to the Neusiedler See cycle path, the Jubilee cycle path (R1), the Kirschblüten cycle path (B12, 43 km), the Lacke cycle path (B20, 48 km), the Hanság cycle path (B22, 53 km), the Culture cycle path ( B23, 26 km), the Lange Lacke cycle path (B27, 14 km), the Kogl connecting cycle paths (B13, 21 km and B31, 16 km), the Danube connecting cycle path (B21, 31 km) and the B24 ( 16 km) and B26 (48 km) connecting cycle paths await cyclists.



From Fertőszéplak to Hegykő, you can go partly on a pedestrian and bicycle road, and partly on a low-traffic country road signposted specially for cyclists. Leaving the village, you will get on a bike path again. In Fertőszéplak is located an interesting Museum, the Railway Lamp Museum.


In Hidegség we have both pedestrian and bicycle paths, the designated part for cyclists is paved with colored paving stones. In the center of the village, it is possible to turn left towards Nagycenk, which can be reached on a low-traffic road. This branch in Nagycenk is connected to the short bicycle path built next to the main road 84, from where we can approach the Nagycenk castle, the linden alley, which is part of the world heritage, and the stop of the Nagycenk Széchenyi Museum Railway Castle. If we do not turn left at junction, we can continue cycling to Fertőboz.


A pedestrian and bicycle path with an asphalt-paved line ensures the passage at Fertőboz. As soon as we reach the village, we can turn left towards Nagycenk, which – partly on a strong ascent – we can reach on a low-traffic country road. The branch road touches the “Fertőboz” stop of the railway museum, then it opens into the Castle stop in Nagycenk. The Gloriette Lookout Tower is in Fertőboz as well, overlooking the Fertő lake.

Between Fertőboz and Balf we can go on a bicycle trail, which is paved with asphalt. The bike path ends shortly before Balf but connects to a low-traffic country road.


Turning left in the village center, it is possible to join the Kópháza – Harka – Sopronnyék / Sopronkeresztúr cycling route, established in 2009. Going straight, we reach the Balfi spa, famous for its sulfur water, and even further we already reach Sopron. If we turn right onto the country road it will lead us to Fertőrákos. On the border of Balf we are greeted by a resting place where we can ease our thirst with fresh spring water. Heading towards Fertőrákos, we can find a bicycle rest area once again. Turning to Fehér street to the left, after a steep ascent and between the vineyards we can also approach Sopron city.

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